eOsphere Limited

eOsphere is a UK SME focused on earth observation applications and technology, with a successful track-record working around the world through the provision and maintenance of ground receiving stations; working with local teams to build operational systems to provide environmental information feeding into national services.

eOsphere’s offices are located at the growing Space Cluster in Harwell in Oxfordshire.

Deimos Space UK

Deimos Space UK was created in 2013 to contribute to the UK and UK-export market for space systems, services and applications. It is located at the Space Cluster on the Harwell Oxford campus, close to the UK Space Agency, ESA’s ECSAT facility, RAL Space, the Satellite Applications Catapult and several other space companies.

The company offers expertise in flight systems, ground segment systems, space situational awareness, satellite navigation, applications and services. The knowledge of satellites, data systems and location-based services puts the company in a unique position when developing satellite applications.

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester is a leading UK University and has been working with herding communities and policymakers in Mongolia since 2004 on issues of: Livelihoods and conservation, Environmental governance and justice, Climate change, adaptation and resilience, Grassroots activism, Institutional change.

Center for Nomadic Pastoralism Studies (CNPS)

The Center for Nomadic Pastoralism Studies is an NGO based in Ulaanbaatar focused on development projects aiming to build resilience in nomadic herding populations in Mongolia.

Mercy Corps in Kyrgyzstan

Mercy Corps has been working in Kyrgyzstan since 1994, enhancing economic opportunity, providing finance for small and medium sized businesses, and helping communities raise healthier livestock to boost incomes and children’s health initiatives. This includes their having set-up and being the main shareholder in the Kompanion Bank, which focuses on community development and social enterprise. Since 2001, Mercy Corps has served as the implementing partner of the US Department of Agriculture on Food for Education program, which will continue until 2021. Since 2012, Mercy Corps has supported over 500 public schools across the country in establishing school feeding programs. To date, over 105,000 primary grade students received daily hot meals in schools through this program.


The Agency on Hydrometeorology under The Ministry of Emergency Situation of Kyrgyzstan conducts systematic observations of meteorological, agrometeorological conditions, the state of crops and pasture, providing weather forecasts and hazard warnings to support its people and for the sustainable development of the economy.

The Pasture Department

The Pasture Department is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Industry and Land Reclamation and is institutionally responsible for pasture reforms in Kyrgyzstan. Its GIS Laboratory is responsible for the quality control and spatial data management in digital pasture mapping activities.